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Powerful analytical application provides access to real-time and historical air quality data for analysis.

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Indoor air quality monitor
Versatile usage for any indoor space

Creating healthy environments everywhere

HibouAir Cloud Solution Enterprise revolutionizes air quality management for expansive indoor setups. From large-scale facilities and industrial complexes to educational institutions and commercial buildings, HibouAir Cloud Solution Enterprise offers unparalleled monitoring precision and control. Empower facility managers, integrate with smart building systems, and optimize air quality across vast spaces with HibouAir's advanced analytics and cloud connectivity. Experience superior air quality management and elevate indoor environments with HibouAir Cloud Solution Enterprise.

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indoor air quality monitor Particulate matter

Stay informed, stay healthy

Monitor and improve the air quality in your indoor environment.

Suitable for business

Ideal for offices, schools, buildings and various indoor environments.

Quick and simple setup

Plug and play solution to get started in a few minutes.

Real-time monitoring

Stay informed with live
air quality data.

Data accessibility

Air quality monitoring analytical dashboard

Real-Time and historical air quality data , Virus Index, alerts and reports, easy API integration, device management ,custom range reports and export data.

How it works

The Bluetooth gateway collects all the air quality data from HibouAir sensor and stored safely in the cloud, where it can be accessed using computer, mobile phone or tablet. The analytical HibouAir dashboard provides access to real-time and historical data in charts along with several other features like Virus index, daily average report, real-time alerts, device fleet management.

how it works cloud indoor air quality

Real-Time Virus Index

Real-time virus index provides live updates on current infectious threats.

Real-time alerts

Real-time alerts deliver instant notifications for timely responses and decision-making.

Historical data access

Historical air quality data access enables retrospective analysis for environmental research.

Fleet management

Device management allows seamless control of sensors, overseeing specific areas and rooms to access data efficiently.

Air auality matters. Choose HibouAir.

Discover the powerful features of HibouAir

HibouAir's comprehensive sensors and real-time monitoring empower you to track and analyze indoor air quality. With actionable insights, proactive alerts, and trend analysis, you can make informed decisions to create a healthier indoor environment for all.

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Your smart solution for fresh indoor air

HibouAir keeps track of your environment

This smart indoor air quality monitor goes beyond the ordinary. With HibouAir, you don't need to be an environmental expert to understand your indoor air quality. Its intuitive application offers an overall graphical or text-based snapshot of your environment's air quality - whether it's good, moderate, or bad. Say hello to simplicity as HibouAir guides you effortlessly towards healthier living spaces. Breathe easy, with HibouAir taking care of your indoor air quality, effortlessly.

Benefits of HibouAir solution

Air quality indoor best indoor air quality monitor
Simple setup

Plug-and-play setup to access air quality data using the smart analytical dashboard.

indoor air quality monitors monitoring indoor air quality
Easy integration

Developer-friendly API for effortless and efficient application development and integration.

best indoor air quality monitors indoor air quality monitor co2
Air Quality Analytics

Access real-time air quality data using HibouAir's analytical dashboard.

air quality indoor monitor
Leading the way in air quality sensing technology

Intelligent sensors for healthier indoor environments

Our cutting-edge your personal solution for monitoring indoor air qaulity is equipped with a range of advanced sensors. From pressure and temperature to humidity, light, and VOCs, our sensors deliver precise and accurate data. The CO2 version detects carbon dioxide levels, while the PM version measures particulate matter.

Trust our sensors to empower informed decisions and create healthier indoor environments.

Comprehensive air quality data at your fingertips

how to monitor indoor air quality

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